Chateau Julien
Celebrating 30 Years

Our Vineyards


Virtually all Chateau Julien wines are produced from grapes grown in the Wine Estate's local region of Monterey County. Winemaker Bill Anderson recently expanded beyond the Wine Estate's own vineyard to explore quality, diversity and unique varietal characteristics through additional vineyard partnerships within the Monterey County appelation. Long term relationships based on nearly 30 years of local wine production has allowed Anderson the flexibility to draw from multiple sources to produce the best quality for Chateau Julien Vintner's Collection, Private Reserve and Barrel Selected wines.

The Appellation - Monterey County

The Monterey County AVA (American Viticultural Area) boasts over 45,000 acres of vineyards, making it one of the largest vinifera grape-growing regions in California. Monterey County's wine region is bound by the Monterey Bay, California's coastal mountain range, and extends into the Carmel and Salinas Valleys. The County's long growing season and varied climate result in seven different unique AVAs that span throughout the 80 mile-long valley. Grapes grown in Monterey County are characterized by their intense varietal flavor and balance of sugar to acid.

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